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See below for our frequently asked questions. Please reach out if you have a question that hasn't been answered.

Where can KitchenBanc be installed?

Your KitchenBanc cabinet can be installed on any ceiling that is structurally sound, and in outdoor covered areas as long as it is well protected from the weather. We recommend having a licensed builder install your KitchenBanc so they can carry out the appropriate checks.

What can I put in my KitchenBanc?

Although KitchenBanc was originally designed for wine glasses and carafes, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to what you want to display. From cookbooks to cooking spices, whiskey collections to fine china, it's up to you. kitchenBanc has a generous payload limit of 130kgs.

Is WineBanc a wine cellar?

Although it is very popular to showcase wine in the WineBanc, it does not create ideal cellaring conditions. We recommend storing your wine collection in a designated wine cellar and displaying your day to day drinking and cooking wine in WineBanc for easy access.

How does the HCL Human Centric Lighting work in KitchenBanc?

The main light panel in KitchenBanc is switched on/off via a sensor switch on the underside of the main storage unit. The HCL feature is accessed via the free Smart Life App. Within the app, you can access the preset scenes, create and save your own scenes, program scenes and set times for your scenes.

What power supply do I need for WineBanc?

A licensed electrician will need to provide an appropriate 240V power point close to where KitchenBanc is to be installed.

When will I receive my KitchenBanc after ordering?

This will depend on the model of KitchenBanc that you have ordered. All KitchenBanc's are manufactured to order. Generally speaking, there is a manufacturing timeframe of 6-8 weeks and then delivery which varies depending on where you are located in Australia. Please contact us directly and we can further assist you.

Can I install KitchenBanc myself?

Yes you can but we recommend you at least engage a licenced builder or engineer to make sure that where you want to install your KitchenBanc is structurally sound. You will need to engage a licenced electrician to provide a 240V power point to the site.

Where can I buy KitchenBanc?

If you are doing a new build or renovation, please ask your builder, kitchen company or Architect to contact us directly. If you want to buy from us directly, please reach out to us via our contact page and we will have someone call you.

Can KitchenBanc be installed in an existing home?

Yes, absolutely. That's the great thing about KitchenBanc; it is suitable for new homes, existing homes and almost any room in your house. You can even take KitchenBanc with you if you move*.

Can I change the finish of KitchenBanc after it has been installed?

Absolutely. If, at anytime you want to change the look of your KitchenBanc, you can order through your builder/kitchen company or through us directly. We recommend having an experienced installer handle this for you.

What maintenance is required for KitchenBanc?

Very little. We recommend a regular wipe down with a lightly damp microfibre cloth when required to remove dust etc.

What is the warranty on KitchenBanc?

There is a 5 year warranty on workmanship of KitchenBanc. There is a 2 year warranty on the actuators and controller. There is a 12 month warranty on the light fittings and components.

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