Designed for humans

Convenient, clever storage solutions.

KitchenBanc features swipe-to-activate functionality, human centric lighting and device charging capabilities.

What's in your KitchenBanc?

Wine, Glasses, Decanters, Whiskey collection, Fine China, Art objects, Cookbooks, Herbs and Spices, kitchen apparatus.


Put your favourite bottles on display but out of the way.


Keep your wine glasses and tumblers dust free.


Perfect for recipe books and more.


Your spices are in reach but not taking up space.


Have easy access to your plates, mugs and bowls.

Carafes + Pitchers

Pitchers, carafes, decanters… you name it.

Talk to our team

Want to know about KitchenBanc’s unique mounted cabinets? Reach out for more information.
PO Box 496, Mona Vale,
NSW 1660,

KitchenBanc is available in Australia, manufacturing lead times will vary depending on size and options.

KitchenBanc will soon be available in New Zealand, for which we are taking pre-orders.

For all other international regions, please contact us.

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